Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Maine Stay

There's nothing like a weekend in Maine to melt away the stress of a long week. It was a weekend filled with not much, but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday morning I woke up to the bright sunshine. It was windy, but I just pulled on my awesome ear band and was out the door for a three mile run. It was awesome. It will hilly, but I pushed hard and was able to keep my normal pace through the ups. It helps when your last mile is along the beach.

I got home to find the rest of the house guests up and about, so we freshened up and walked back along the beach over to H.B. Provisions for some breakfast. Although their egg sandwiches are awesome, I knew there was seafood in my future, so I brought my own yogurt and kept breakfast light.

By the time we ate and wandered around a little bit (no Presidential sightings this time) we walked back to the house and got ready to head to Portland, ME. We had plans to hang around Old Port for the day, but by the time we got there the sun had gone away and the wind picked up, so we shopped at one store, had lunch, and came back to Kennebunk. Not super eventful, but I did have the most delicious salad with crab ever.

Today was slightly more eventful. I didn't run, or even go anywhere to eat, but I did get my hair done (finally!) and we watched the most amazing waves flood the street.

There was a weird moon last night, plus really high winds, which apparently is the perfect recipe for giant waves. And I mean giant.

That is most definitely NOT waves crashing on the beach, despite how much it looks like it. It's waves crashing into a break wall and spilling into the street. They pushed so much water across the road that the drive way looked this this:

Luckily, the house is on stilts, so we were never concerned about that, but the lawn is looking pretty shabby now. I bet the landscaper is just dying to get a call...

We had fun wandering out into the surf. The street was closed (obviously), so we could wander into the middle of the road. Being hit by a car was never a concern, but getting wet was, and we most certainly did. I got brand new rain boots from the hubs for my birthday, but did I have them with me? No. Did I have my janky old pair with holes in them in the trunk of my car? Heck yes! So I still got wet feet, but at least I didn't have to ruin a pair of shoes to have fun.

Luckily the waves calmed down and they reopened the roads in time for me to get to my hair appointment (yes, I go all the way to Maine to get my hair done. I love my stylist and would go much further to have her do my cut and color. Don't judge).

Now it's 10pm on a Sunday night and the reality of work tomorrow morning is setting in. Despite living in Boston, I do not have tomorrow off and I will not be watching the marathoners run ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM MY APARTMENT. Nope, I'll be at my desk.

Good luck to all the runners tomorrow, and lots of virtual hugs to Hungry Runner Girl who won't be in the pack. Don't worry girl, I'll still be here next year to show you around ;)

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