Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sponge-Maddie Square Jacket

Today I work up early. This was the clock when I went out the door.

Yup, that's early. Where was I going at such an hour? Well I was going for a run! Yes, that's right, the hubs and I hit the pavement at 5am. We both felt like we needed to squeeze in another run outdoors before our race on Saturday and this morning was the only chance we's rain/snowing now, and it's supposed to rain/snow until tomorrow night, so it was 5am or never. It wasn't so bad, and with my 9 layers (or four) I was nice and toasty.

Since it has started to rain/snow here (yes, tomorrow is April 1st, but it's snowing in Boston), I had to get creative while coming home. I did my best Sponge-Bob impression.

And why did I look square when I came in the house tonight? Well, it's because I was protecting something from getting wet....a special box to mail!

This bad boy is headed over to the Philippines!! My awesome friend Lou is stationed there with the Peace Corps and next week is her birthday! Sorry girl, it's going to be a little later than we planned, but it's coming!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! My mom is coming into town for a birthday celebration! My sister and I were born two years and three days apart, so my lucky family only has to celebrate once! :D

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  1. Haha I love the square pants impression. And I also love that there is a giant photo of John's face on the fridge behind you.