Friday, March 11, 2011

Lucy, You've Got Some Blogging To Do!

Sorry for the neglect, I really have been meaning to post about my weekend all week!

The weather was finally feeling so nice and warm so we decided to have a garage sale. Several months ago I decided that my current size is a good, healthy size for me so it was time to get over the fact that I probably won't ever be as tiny as I once was and I am definitely okay with it. It has been a great feeling to look in my closet and see clothes that all fit appropriately and I know I feel good wearing. Jay also had quite a bit of clothes, his all being too big for him now, that he decided to sell.
Can you find me?? Don't worry if you can't, I'm wearing camo...

Check what else came out for a quick trip around the block...
Okay, I didn't really ride it around the block but it was fun to pretend. We actually had a terrible but so, so funny now adventure in this canoe this past summer; I was remembering the trip in this photo. We were invited on a little canoe ride up the Rio Grande, a 1-2 hour hike followed by a little canoe trip back down the river to the lake we started at. Boy oh boy. We had a head wind up the river so it took us about an hour +, on the hike we were lost (20 mins into the hike the leader decided he needed a second opinion on the map...) we ended up hiking on narrow, steep, cactus infested hills and then there was a really strong head wind down the river so it was a rough trip just to go downstream. It was such an adventure!

Sunday, Jay took me to The Grove for brunch. This place was awesome!! They focus a lot on local, fresh ingredients which is something I love, love, love!! We split the smoked salmon with goat cheese on an english muffin with a side of fruit (no melon in this cup! I'm allergic so that's always so nice and rare to find) and the dried cherries and hazelnut french toast. Both were so delicioso!

We're going to check out a massage therapist tonight that focuses on trigger points. My trigger points are still bothering and now that I'm out of running for a little while, this is a great time to get everything fixed! We're also expecting my family for a quick trip!! Jay and I are looking forward to some family time and Chaca's definitely looking forward to a visit from her brother.

Well, I'm off to go wash this scruffy puppy. I'll try not to let so much time go by in between posts!!

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