Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Visit/Indoor Track & Field

This weekend my parents and sister came up to visit! They also brought along Chaca's brother (who is also her BFF).

Saturday morning started off with a family favorite, The Frontier. We enjoyed breakfast burritos (a NM standard breakfast item) and some fresh squeezed orange juice. Yum!

After breakfast, we lounged around our house until it was time to head to the USA Track & Field Indoor Championship. I was awe-struck just knowing we were in the same room as these top performers, including former and soon to be Olympians!! We were able to watch many of the athletes stretch and warm up before their events, we collectively decided that their flexibility and strength was beyond anything we've seen before! For instance, we watched a high jumper skip (yes, skip!) over the bar and we watched another high jumper do back flips as a warm up (I can't even do a tumble without running into something). It was truly an amazing experience to be able to watch this level of talent perform while in the company of my family!

We enjoyed spending time with my family, discussing wedding plans and of course planning out the triathlon my Dad and Jay are going to compete in this summer. I don't think bike riding is in Jay's physical therapy plan, but does that count popping wheelies?? I can't blame the guy. All of the triathlon talk made Jay so anxious to get on his new "9er" for a little, tiny ride. I really don't know very much about bikes, but by hanging around this fiance of mine I'm really learning a thing or two!

Last night I attended water aerobics as at a local pool. It was very low impact, a decent arm work out but not the amount of cardio I would have liked. My ankle still hurts and feels a little swollen, I sure hope the pain goes away so I can bike ride and swim. I did a quick upper body work out at lunch today followed by a delicious vanilla/banana/strawberry protein shake for lunch. I was looking forward to having a cold shake for lunch on such a warm day and wouldn't you know it, I left out the ice cubes!! Thank goodness the strawberries were frozen. I threw in some crushed ice and mixed it but it was not as good. I think I've been a bit stressed at work and not being able to work out is making me a little goofy (goofier?).

Jay's not feeling well tonight (I think he caught that cold I had this past week!!) so I think I'll relax with him.

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