Monday, March 28, 2011

Eye Have Something to Share

I thought it'd be funny to share with you my current eye issue. So I've been going to my eye doctor to clear up a medical issue and after a few weeks of monitoring he has asked that in addition to the 3 types of eye drops I am using, to start either sleeping with an eye mask or taping my left eye shut! Creepy? Yes. Is this news to me? No. But apparently it is now enough of an issue that I really have to do something about it to help clear up my medical eye issue. I thought this was a nice awkward tidbit about me that you'd love to know!

And I do have something pretty big to share with you today! After weeks of discussion, meetings and contemplation- I'm going to be training for a fitness competition!! I'm super nervous and haven't really told too many about it, mostly because I am a bit awkward about my body so telling people that I'm working to competitively show it off makes me feel funny somehow just typing it here makes it a little easier. I have just signed up to work with this amazing, talented trainer and she is currently working up my nutrition plan and we'll be scheduling our first work out so soon! There are many reasons why I've decided to do this- one, I cannot run long distances for a while and not having anything to train for (including the dualathon I was eyeing) is making me very anxious and unpleasant so this will help me; two, this is going to put me way out of my comfort zone and that is always a good thing, I love a good challenge and this one is multi-faceted and three, this fall I'll be trying on my wedding dress and I just want to look and feel so beautiful and confident- something I haven't felt in a long time. Gulp, I'm SO nervous and excited about this new adventure!!

Every week I'm supposed to take photos of myself in a bikini and email it to my trainer, I think (if I'm feeling brave enough) I will post my progress here as well. I'm hoping that by posting it I will see a difference and keep my motivation to work out. And who knows maybe some of you out there are also into this sport and we can help each other.

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