Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Weekend in the Big City

New York is definitely the BIG city. So much bigger than Boston. I had a great time playing in the city and seeing the sights with  my own personal tour guide. We didn't do TOO much touristy stuff, but we did see a show on Broadway and eat really amazing bagels.

We spent the rest of the weekend being low key. We made a couple stops at Trader Joes to stock up on 3 buck Chuck, and we even played Scrabble at a bar, which is about as good as it gets if you ask me....it could only be better if said bar were actually at a baseball stadium...

One of the highlights of the weekend was yoga. I'm not a big yogi at all, so this was my first experience with an actual yoga studio (all my experience has been at the gym itself). The place we went is actually a non-profit yoga studio that allow all levels and asks people to simply donate what the can. I LOVED the class. The instructor was really good, and offered a lot of ideas for those of us who were not exactly at the highest level, if you know what I mean. It was a fantastic stretch and my arms were SORE yesterday.

The bus trip to and from New York was NOT the best experience I've ever had in my life, but I made it. I did use the gym on Friday and Monday to kill time, and I was surprised at how it looks EXACTLY like the ones in Boston....same cheap "wood" lockers and everything. I guess I thought NYC would be fancier...

And it's snowing again in Boston. 10 inches expected today, followed by another 8-10 tomorrow. Awesome.
I took this picture on my way to work this morning...it had been snowing for about an hour and a half...it hasn't stopped since then. I can only image what this corner looks like now. I'm SO over the snow, but I do have my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!

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