Thursday, July 18, 2013

Race Recap?!

You know it has been way too long since an update when you have a race recap but you realize you didn’t even get a chance to mention training on the blog!

I have completed by very first duathlon! It’s so incredible what the mind and body can do when you’re determined to reach your goals. As I’ve mentioned before, I had such a fear of my bike. Recently, I started with a few small trail rides and once I was comfortable, I started riding much longer trails. Before each ride, I still get so nervous but once I’m out there on a trail (I’m still not ready to ride along traffic) I am simply focused on getting up the next big hill, making it past the next stretch, etc.  I am finally realizing that biking, much like swimming gives me another option to get my heart rate up, travel far distances and have fun without relying entirely on running. Having a set of ready for shorts/skirts legs, also doesn’t hurt!

The race started with a 5k run, transitioned into a 20k bike ride and then another 5k run. I was so nervous for the transitions – both in making sure I grabbed my correct gear and that my legs could switch sports fast. Thankfully, I have a dad and husband who are very experienced in these types of things, so they gave me some great pointers. I am writing this sans internet so I can’t share my exact times but roughly I ran the first 5k in 28 minutes, biked the 20k in 52 minutes and finished up the last 5k in 31 minutes for a grand total of 1:51. I am thrilled with my performance. Initially, I was aiming for a 2 hour race time and as training progressed I began to think that at 2:15 would be much more attainable, so pulling in well under my initial goal time feels great! I am already looking for another race and can’t wait!!
We can achieve all that we want.

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