Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here I am, playing catch-up again! Life has settled down, so I should be able to get back into the regularly scheduled blogging, but for now, I'll tell you about the last two weeks.

Oh wait, there isn't much to say. I have been working like crazy and traveling. What's new? Nothing.

We celebrated Christmas with my family, then we went to New Mexico for real Christmas with the in-laws. They had a Charlie Brown tree. I'm more of a full and fat tree kind of girl, but it held lights and ornaments,s o I guess I can't complain (or take pictures that aren't blurry).

The BEST part about the trip was seeing my very bestest BFF! Did we take any pictures together? No, of course not. That would be a good idea, and we rarely have those. But it was fantastic to see her, and I really really wish NM was closer to MA so it could happen more often.

I only worked out once...and it wasn't a run or anything good like that. It was fun though! I went rock climbing with my brother-in-law. He belongs to a climbing gym, so he let me tag along (I think it was so he could laugh at my lack of upper body strength). I managed to hold my own, but mostly just on the kindergarten wall. Anything 1st grade or above was a little tough for me. And today (three days later) my forearms are KILLING me. Opening doors and squeezing bottles is nearly impossible (and yet surprisingly important to be able to do. Get into work? ouch. Contact solution bottle? Ouch. Toothpaste? Ouch). It was WELL worth the pain though. This has been the year of trying new things, and I really enjoyed myself and hanging out with my BIL. Wouldn't you want to hang with us too?

We got home Tuesday, and now it's back to the grind. But not without a cold! Thank you to all the children who also traveled this week and left their germs all over the airplanes. You're the best! I love being sick right after vacation!

Not really at all. But I did catch a cold and felt pretty nasty yesterday. Today is better, so I'll be hitting the gym post-work and will hopefully start to feel normal. Vacation in New Mexico is always filled with amazingly good food, but now I feel like I need a dry salad and Tab lunch more than ever.

Also, not really. But a good, healthy salad and a Diet Coke are on the menu :)

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