Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Cupcake Crawl

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

During my sister's visit a few weeks ago, we took care of some wedding planning. One of the important tasks I wanted her help on was finding a great bakery to bake the wedding cake. We thought it'd be fun to write up reviews of each bakery we visited in my wedding book and to share them here. I feel badly putting the names of the not-so-great places on here so I'll just share the name of the winning bakery.

Bakery #1
The first bakery we visited is known for using local, organic ingredients so walking in our hopes were very high! After we ordered, I was overly excited and swiped a fingerful of frosting while my sister was in the bathroom, I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I waited to give my opinion until we both ate a full bite but it turns out my first taste was the apparent "highlight". The cupcakes (chocolate and red velvet) were so dry and the frosting was greasy.

"Worst cupcake I've ever eaten" - My Sister
"I never met a cupcake I didn't like, til this one" - Me

They look so good, don't they? The cake also had a weird acidy after taste and we felt bad leaving uneaten cupcakes on our plates but hurried out of there. We felt a little defeated but were hopeful that we could only go up from here.

Bakery #2
Our second bakery stop took us to a very popular bakery (it was even featured on The Food Network). I've eaten at their restaurant previously but had not tried any cake. Thankfully, they didn't disappoint- the cupcakes were fluffy and subtly sweet.

"More buttercream puh-lease" - My Sister

Initially, I ordered a slice of cake but found it to have a little too much liqueur in it.
"I could get drunk off this cake" - Me

Yes, that is what I look like when I drink excessively. Though it would be a plus for our budget to have drink and cake in one, I think we'll leave this idea behind.

This bakery was good but we felt that there was something else out there that would be just right. And we were right.

Bakery #3
After doing some more SF wedding activities we were finally ready to try just one more bakery, Ducle Bakery. Wedding planning has been funny as we've hit so many bumps in the road and nothing has been exactly as I've always wanted but for some reason we've been totally okay with it all - the most important thing is that I'm marrying an amazing/funny/smart/sweet/handsome/perfect-for-me guy and we'll always make the best of everything; so I wasn't surprised to find out this fantastic bakery doesn't make wedding cakes, but we're going to make it work!! Our red velvet and chocolate cupcakes were beyond perfection.

"I'd even eat that chocolate cake" - Me (I'm not big on chocolate cake but seriously, I would order a dozen of these and every single bite)

"A whimsical experience. Never liked a red velvet cupcake til this moment" - My Sister

We picked up a chocolate on chocolate cupcake for Jay to enjoy when we got home and made him give us a review too.
"Moist. I taste chocolate, not ingredients" - Jay

I'll be posting again (very soon) on what I've been up to outside of wedding planning. Have a happy Saturday!

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