Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh My Gosh Moments

I'd like to share with you a few "Oh My Gosh" moments that I experienced over the past few days.

1) I am a HUGE fan of Maroon 5- love, love, love them. While I was pulling into the parking lot at work, the radio announced that M5 is coming to Albuquerque. I think I said... actually yelled "ohmygosh ohmygosh" 20 times and squealed. I don't even care if anybody saw me- I love them!! With this reaction, you'd think this would've been my first time ever seeing them perform. Nope, it would be #3.

2) Than came "oh my goooosh, I'm not even going to be here!" moment. I was too busy expressing my joy for the M5 concert to realize their concert date falls on the same day that I will be out of town. Drats. I guess I'll just have to buy the concert DVD. That's totally not weird, right??

3) Umm randomly spotting this amazing actor out and about Saturday night at a local Abq tavern.

Thankfully, Mark Ruffalo was super nice about my friend and I getting photos with him. Can you believe the bartender actually turned him away?? He came in with 2 friends and the bartender told them "sorry we're closed" and it was only maybe 12 am! After our quick photos the bartender came out and asked what the big fuss was about- even after explaining it I still don't think he knows who Mark Ruffalo is- maybe I should lend him my extra copy of 13 Going on 30.

4) While picking up a few necessities at Target this weekend I found a cute bikini. I really don't buy bathing suits all that often because once I find one that fits, it's all that I want to wear. I decided to try on a bright, patterned swimsuit and since going on this new workout challenge, had my first "oh my gosh my body looks so different" moment. Different in a good way. I still have a long ways to go with the training but I couldn't believe how much muscle I can actually see in my back and shoulders- two places I have never carried much muscle. It has given me motivation to keep going! Even if they were to tell me that I'm not in the shape necessary to compete- I'm still walking away from this feeling so much more confident about my body.

On tonight's dinner menu: grilled bbq chicken (Jay is letting it bake for a while before it goes on the grill- our house smells ah-mazing) served with grilled mushrooms (which I've just basted in balsamic vinegar...yumm) and grilled pineapple. If the winds would taper, I'd say it's just about summer time here.

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